Young Traditional Townhouse/Part II

Yesterday I featured a newlywed couple’s living room  (take a look here) in their open concept townhouse.  As promised, today I’m back with the dining room and kitchen spaces!  Again, here’s the floor plan:

The living room rug selected by the client served as a launching pad for the living/dining areas and the couple wanted to […]

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Young Traditional Townhouse/Part I

I was thrilled when I was contacted by this newlywed couple and asked to help them furnish their new (to them) 1700 square foot townhouse located in a small downtown suburb!  In lieu of a large wedding the couple opted to take the money they and their parents would have spent  to furnish their home. […]

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Small Business Lobby Design Plan

Hi Friends ~

A small but growing environmental consulting company recently opened a new office and needed a lobby/reception area design concept on a limited budget.  What made this project especially exciting was that the new office is in a restored firehouse with many of the original features intact!  The lobby area has extraordinary original […]

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Lake Living Cottage Living Room on a Budget

Hi Friends ~

My clients, empty nesters (of the human-children kind) have a charming lakefront yellow bungalow.  Very active and casual, they and their furry children, two golden retrievers and two cats, embrace lake living with all imaginable water activities and bonfires year around.    With either wet or snowy family members in an out several times […]

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How to Stage Your Home for Living


Hi Friends ~

I ran across this article the other day and thought you might like it.  So often after I complete a home staging project the client will remark “I wish I’d done this earlier so I could enjoy it”! 


I often preach  educate clients that decorating to live is different than staging to sell.  Very […]

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Home Staging – No Longer Considered a “Nice to Have”

Real estate staging is no longer a considered a “nice to have”, but a statistically proven tool to have homes sell for the most money in the least amount of time.  According to a recent Zillow Digs survey of real estate agents and interior designers, hiring a professional home stager was listed as one of the top two critical […]

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Why Decorating a Home is Like Playing Football

Hello Again, Friends!

With the holiday season behind us, if you were anything like me it was hard to avoid all of the college bowl games  and related hoopla, including some very entertaining commercials.  Did you see this one with Joe Montana, Doug Flutie, Bo Jackson and Hershel Walker this last week?  My husband and I […]

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Welcome to Real Home by Jude!

Hello Friends ~

Happy New Year and welcome to Real Home by Jude!  It’s a fresh, exciting new year and 2015 holds a lot of promise.  

I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures in home staging, home redesign and real estate photography with you, peppered with some of my real life DIY projects and experiments, including […]

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