Staging a Home While Living In It – A Client’s Perspective

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As I talk to people about owner occupied staging consultations and services there is generally an air of mystery about them  and what actually transpires in staging the home you live in to sell.  Realtors,  clients and the general public all have questions about how the staging consultation works and the kind of […]

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Let’s Talk Painting Honey Oak!

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Happy Friday!  After the very busy and beautiful summer we’ve had it’s absolutely feeling like fall here in Michigan and on this rainy afternoon I’m loving the opportunity to catch up with you!

There’s a LOT of activity on blogs and Pinterest about painting cabinets, especially honey oak cabinets.  Honey oak cabinets were […]

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Staging to Sell – Let’s Focus on Color!

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Well . . . it has been quite some time since I checked in and blogged.  I’m giving myself a D- for staying in touch via blog posts!  The good news is that the last couple months have been a whirlwind of staging activity . . . which in turn gives me a […]

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