Staging a Home While Living In It – A Client’s Perspective

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As I talk to people about owner occupied staging consultations and services there is generally an air of mystery about them  and what actually transpires in staging the home you live in to sell.  Realtors,  clients and the general public all have questions about how the staging consultation works and the kind of […]

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Let’s Talk Painting Honey Oak!

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Happy Friday!  After the very busy and beautiful summer we’ve had it’s absolutely feeling like fall here in Michigan and on this rainy afternoon I’m loving the opportunity to catch up with you!

There’s a LOT of activity on blogs and Pinterest about painting cabinets, especially honey oak cabinets.  Honey oak cabinets were […]

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Staging to Sell – Let’s Focus on Color!

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Well . . . it has been quite some time since I checked in and blogged.  I’m giving myself a D- for staying in touch via blog posts!  The good news is that the last couple months have been a whirlwind of staging activity . . . which in turn gives me a […]

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A Sunny Stage!


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I recently had the opportunity to work with a client preparing her home (a two bedroom condominium) for sale. When I walked in for my initial consultation I was pleasantly pleased by several things. First, the house was immaculately clean and second, there was virtually zero clutter! Check TWO typical and major staging […]

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Busy and Blessed!

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Well, it certainly has been quite a while since I blogged . . . shame on me!  I’m thrilled to say that the last couple of months have been a whirlwind of staging and design projects as well as the beginning of sailboat season (our summer passion) .  It’s become clear that I […]

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Glamorous Gray/Tan Master Bedroom Retreat

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I’m excited to share one of my latest redesign projects with you today!  The clients recently contacted me to help them design a retreat for their large master bedroom.   With a 16″2″ x 19″4″ blank slate, they stated their desire for a place to unwind, read, watch television, and (of course) sleep.  Below […]

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When The Cat’s Away . . . the Mice Will Whitewash!

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As you can tell by the last few of my posts, I’ve been wielding my Purdy paintbrush quite a bit lately. Little do you know exactly how much!  On the very BORING and TEDIOUS side I’m two-thirds the way done with painting all of the doors and trim in the house here with […]

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Bathroom Refresh for Under $100.00

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I recently tackled another project here at home and wanted to share what less than $100 did to transform the space.

My wonderful husband gives me creative license throughout the house except for one area . . . the lower level family room which is “his space”.  I’m trying to avoid the term “man […]

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Home Office Refresh for $80.00!

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I’ve been itching to get into another project here at home and on a recent Sunday morning as I sat in my office after coffee and catching up on emails and Facebook I decided it was time!  After looking at my laundry list of projects I wanted to tackle I decided on my […]

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3 Season Room For Under $3,000 ~ Two Ways! Part II

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Yesterday on the blog I showcased the first of two design concepts for my clients, Lori and Dirk.  (See it here!)  They requested two design concepts for the 3 season sunroom in their charming 1940’s ranch.

Today I’m sharing the second of those two concepts.  You’ll see that it has a very different feel and mood to […]

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