3 Season Room For Under $3,000 ~ Two Ways! Part I

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I’ve been away from blog land for a couple of weeks  . . . my husband and I returned last week from an amazing week long ski trip to Colorado and re-entry back into the real world took me a bit of time!   Now that I’ve gotten my quota of fun winter sports filled […]

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Great Room, Kitchen and Morning Room Design Plan

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While building their new dream home this couple contacted me to provide them a custom design plan for their very open concept great room, kitchen and morning room.  Because of the the layout it was imperative to make sure the rooms flowed seamlessly.  These rooms will be the heart of the home and with two […]

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Why Hiring the Right Realtor Isn’t the Key to Successfully Selling Your Home

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Well . . . . that’s a sensational headline!  So before I get into the meat of this post let me begin by saying that I have a tremendous amount of respect for good realtors.  I thoroughly believe in the value and expertise that they bring to both sellers and buyers.  Their knowledge […]

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Girlfriend Time at a Northern Michigan Lake Cabin Part II

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Yesterday I told you about an wonderful winter getaway I had with a couple of good girlfriends at my friend’s newly completed lakefront cabin.  If you missed it you can find it here.  As promised, today I’m taking you into the interior of this amazing home!


As in Part I of this post, I […]

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Girlfriend Time at a Northern Michigan Lake Cabin Part I

After renting a summer home “up north” (as we say in Michigan) for several years and falling in love with the area, a very good friend of mine, Lynda (and her husband Mark) bought a lake property in Northern Michigan in 2013. The property consisted of the original house and four quaint cabins which were […]

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Young Traditional Townhouse/Part II

Yesterday I featured a newlywed couple’s living room  (take a look here) in their open concept townhouse.  As promised, today I’m back with the dining room and kitchen spaces!  Again, here’s the floor plan:

The living room rug selected by the client served as a launching pad for the living/dining areas and the couple wanted to […]

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Young Traditional Townhouse/Part I

I was thrilled when I was contacted by this newlywed couple and asked to help them furnish their new (to them) 1700 square foot townhouse located in a small downtown suburb!  In lieu of a large wedding the couple opted to take the money they and their parents would have spent  to furnish their home. […]

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Small Business Lobby Design Plan

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A small but growing environmental consulting company recently opened a new office and needed a lobby/reception area design concept on a limited budget.  What made this project especially exciting was that the new office is in a restored firehouse with many of the original features intact!  The lobby area has extraordinary original […]

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Lake Living Cottage Living Room on a Budget

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My clients, empty nesters (of the human-children kind) have a charming lakefront yellow bungalow.  Very active and casual, they and their furry children, two golden retrievers and two cats, embrace lake living with all imaginable water activities and bonfires year around.    With either wet or snowy family members in an out several times […]

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How to Stage Your Home for Living


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I ran across this article the other day and thought you might like it.  So often after I complete a home staging project the client will remark “I wish I’d done this earlier so I could enjoy it”! 


I often preach  educate clients that decorating to live is different than staging to sell.  Very […]

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