When The Cat’s Away . . . the Mice Will Whitewash!

Hi Friends ~

As you can tell by the last few of my posts, I’ve been wielding my Purdy paintbrush quite a bit lately. Little do you know exactly how much!  On the very BORING and TEDIOUS side I’m two-thirds the way done with painting all of the doors and trim in the house here with […]

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Bathroom Refresh for Under $100.00

Hi Friends ~

I recently tackled another project here at home and wanted to share what less than $100 did to transform the space.

My wonderful husband gives me creative license throughout the house except for one area . . . the lower level family room which is “his space”.  I’m trying to avoid the term “man […]

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Home Office Refresh for $80.00!

Hi Friends ~

I’ve been itching to get into another project here at home and on a recent Sunday morning as I sat in my office after coffee and catching up on emails and Facebook I decided it was time!  After looking at my laundry list of projects I wanted to tackle I decided on my […]

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