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Finding Home Staging Companies in Michigan_compressedIf you’re selling your home or thinking about selling your home, you may be looking for information and assistance  on how you can increase buyer appeal and sell your home for more money in less time.  There is a lot of information, myths as well as statistics out there about home staging and you may be looking for specifics on how it would translate into your particular situation in your particular area.  So where do you start?  A search on the Internet will provide you with a number of home staging companies in Michigan but where do you begin to narrow down the best fit for your circumstance?  Here are a few key points for your consideration and questions you may ask to narrow things down:

Home Staging Services Offered

Most home stagers in Michigan offer a host of services that will assist homeowners or sellers that include both occupied staging services and vacant staging services.

Occupied Home Staging Companies in MichiganIf your home will be occupied (you will be living in your home) during the selling process here are questions you may consider asking:

  • Can you provide an overview of your services?
  • How does it work?
  • Are in-home consultations provided, how long is the initial consultation, what is the cost and what does it include?
  • What happens after the initial consultation?
  • Can the home stager provide hands on staging (moving furniture, hanging pictures, arranging tablescapes) and at what cost?
  • Can the home stager provide color consultations and what is the cost?
  • Can the home stager provide shopping services and what is the cost?
  • Can the home stager provide resources for work that may need to be done around the house and what is the cost?
  • Are any other services provided?

Vacant Home Staging Companies in MichiganIf your home is vacant (unoccupied, new construction, a flipped home) here are some questions you should consider asking:

  • How does it work?
  • What is provided (furniture/accessories)?
  • What rooms will be included?
  • Does the home staging company own its own inventory or will they have to rent pieces? (I have found that by owning my own inventory not only is the cost to my clients more palatable but I can hand pick each and every piece to provide the most current and best options to my clients.)
  • How long does the staging stay in the vacant home?
  • What happens when the home sells?
  • Will the home stager provide a consultation and assessment of the property prior to staging?
  • What is the approximate cost? (An experienced stager can provide a ballpark estimate prior to viewing the home based on conversations about the home.)
  • Do you provide any other services in a vacant home stage?


Experienced Home Staging Companies in MichiganMany home stagers come and go.  Many home stagers work part time around other careers.  Some home staging companies in Michigan are full time businesses and work around your schedule.  (I often smile that my hours are similar to a Realtor  . . . business hours are when a client needs me!)  You should absolutely ask the home stager/company about its experience and availability.  Another great clue is to peruse their website and other social media and professional pages (i.e.,  Houzz, Facebook,)!  You can often tell how active the home staging company is by seeing how current the postings are.


Is the home stager(s) affiliated with the company certified?


Is the home staging company insured?


Home Staging Companies in Michigan PortfolioYou can often tell a LOT about a home  staging company from its online portfolio.  These can be found on the company’s website and often on other sites such as Houzz.  Do the online portfolios appeal to you?  Are the pictures good quality?  Does the company keep the online portfolio updated?  Here are links to my online portfolios.  My website portfolio (and my entire website) is currently being entirely restructured so check back often!  The end result will be set up in a similar fashion as my Houzz Projects Page.

Professionalism/Comfort Level

Home Staging Companies in Michigan Professional_compressedDoes the home staging company portray itself in a professional manner through its website, marketing materials and communication?  Do you feel comfortable and assured by your interactions with its representatives?  Does the home staging company return calls,  emails, etc. quickly and thoroughly? Is the home staging company clear in its fees and the scope of what they will and won’t do?


Home Staging Companies in Michigan ProfessionalDoes the home staging company have client testimonials on its website and other social media outlets?  I particularly like how Houzz posts professional reviews.  The reviewer receives a link through Houzz to post a review from the client.  The home staging company does not post it thereby keeping the reviews valid.  Is the home staging company willing to provide you with contact information of clients they’ve worked with for further references?


Home Staging Companies in Michigan CostThis is a big one in clients’ eyes and can feel a little tricky.  I personally work to keep this as transparent as possible by helping the client understand what exactly fees include and don’t include and applying the KISS (“Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle before I even meet face to face.  A home staging consultation includes “X” but doesn’t include “Y”.  If you need “Y” it would cost “Z”.  A vacant home stage will cost “X”.  (I am purposely not including my pricing in this post because each circumstance can vary but am very clear with my clients.)  When I manage projects for homeowners I provide a VERY close estimate on my time and continually keep the client updated along the way.  Because of my expertise I come extremely close to my original estimates.  You may come across a home staging company that seems extremely inexpensive compared to other home staging companies.  You may want to ask yourself why this is and investigate the answers to the other questions posed in this post!  After all, you are talking about marketing what is likely your largest investment.

I hope you find this post helpful in finding appropriate home staging companies in Michigan for you to consider.  With a little homework on your part it should become clear which companies stand out from the rest.  Please let me know if you have any questions by contacting me here!

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