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Yesterday I told you about an wonderful winter getaway I had with a couple of good girlfriends at my friend’s newly completed lakefront cabin.  If you missed it you can find it here.  As promised, today I’m taking you into the interior of this amazing home!

A Labor of Love_compressed


As in Part I of this post, I hope you like pictures . . .

The beautiful pine walls and ceiling are a work of art as well as Lynda’s labor of love.  After getting initial estimates on the wood in its finished state, Lynda realized that if she did the staining herself they could save an astounding $26,000!

So over the first VERY hot summer of construction, Lynda hand stained 4.5 MILES of pine!  The number of hours is incalculable, but the staining took place over 3 months .  Isn’t the result beautiful?  The home glows with the fruit of her labor!  These pictures were taken on a snowy gray afternoon . . . can you imagine what it looks like on a sunny day?


The fireplace and mantel from the original 1906 house . . .


The view from the loft . . .



The dining room . . . according to Lynda her brother “threw together” this charming dining room table from scraps in the yard in an hour to make do until he could build a better one.  When he does I’d love to take this one off her hands!


As she recalled stories of working until the wee hours of the morning staining the pine Lynda indicated she regrets nothing about it, since she was able to persuade her husband into using part of the savings from her DIY effort and  investing in this beautiful (but pricey) Tiffany acorn and leaf chandelier she had been lusting after!


The hand scraped dark wood floors are Acacia and provide a very pretty contrast to the walls and ceiling.  The twig banister detail is again a labor of love on Lynda’s part. (Nice unintended alliteration there, Jude!)  Yep, she hand stained all of them, inside and outside!



Check out this DREAMY kitchen!  Alder cabinets,  oversized island finished in a beautiful sage color, hammered copper farmhouse sink, copper bar sink, bar refrigerator, all topped by amazing granite that glows when the sun shines on it.  I’m sorry I couldn’t capture the glowing granite due to the snowy gray day.  Hopefully Lynda will invite me up again when the sun is shining (hint, hint  . . . )!  Another wonderful feature is the walk in pantry with a barn door.  Lynda wouldn’t let me take pictures since she didn’t think it was picture worthy from an organizational standpoint, but if you look close in one of the pictures you will get a glimpse of it!








It could be said that the star of the show in the kitchen is the natural rock surround  to the stove/oven.  Lynda’s husband, Mark, is crazy about Petoskey stones so the mason placed several of them in the surround, one of the many details that make this home truly theirs.   The backsplash in the surround was done (again) by Lynda, as well as all of the tile and natural stone in the two bathroom showers.


Instead of a guest book Lynda requests that all guests contribute a memory of their visit on this wall to ceiling chalkboard.  When the guest(s) leave she takes a picture of it for the cabin memory book.  Here’s the contribution for our stay! (Don’t ask . . . but clearly some of us are NOT artists!)


Now that construction is complete on the home they are taking their time to furnish it to their exact liking and are beginning renovation of the four cabins in the immediate future.  Not surprisingly, Lynda is already talking about staining the pine in those herself.  She said that after the main house it will be “no big deal”.  (Yeah, right.  Lynda, we have to talk . . . you’re making the rest of us look like lazy slugs!)


It’s going to be so much fun to watch the progress and I’ll be sure to share future results with you!  Thanks for stopping by!

Until the next time ~

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