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After renting a summer home “up north” (as we say in Michigan) for several years and falling in love with the area, a very good friend of mine, Lynda (and her husband Mark) bought a lake property in Northern Michigan in 2013. The property consisted of the original house and four quaint cabins which were rented out through the years.  The original house, although rich in history, had seen better days  so after much thought and planning they began the process of renovation.  (Renovation is probably not the right word for it since the only remaining vestige of the original home was the stone fireplace!)



For as long as I’ve known her my very talented friend has dreamed of building her dream home.  She was able to not only sink her teeth into this project but provided more than her fair share of sweat equity to get to the amazing end result!  Recently completed, last week she invited another girlfriend and I up for a winter get away and some serious girl time, including cozy fires, homemade soup, walks in the snow, a night of games with neighbor friends (girls only . . . no boys allowed) and a little wine. 

Okay . . . maybe more than a little wine . . .

Lynda shared with us stories of the project as well as some very funny compromises she made with her husband along the way.  Words can’t begin to describe this home, so let’s start the tour ! 

Warning!  Picture Intensive from Here on Out!

For Today Let’s Start with Outdoors . . .

I woke up the second morning to a fresh blanket of snow, so even prior to coffee (imagine that!) I threw my coat on over my pajamas, grabbed my camera, shucked my snow boots onto my bare feet with the intention of taking just a few pictures before the gals woke up.  (That was the plan anyway . . . )

As I stepped outside I was greeted with the magical silence only a fresh snowfall in the woods can bring and this view from the non-lakeside front door: 



I figured I’d snap off a couple of shots  of the exterior while I was at it.  Three steps off the porch I was in knee deep snow!  Why didn’t I bring my snow shoes?  (Wait . . . I don’t have any!)



Well, since my pajamas legs were wet by this time I figured I might as well get a few more . . .


As I rounded the corner to the lake side of the home, a couple of little puppies from next door came to play!  Let the fun begin!  Meet Mac and Sergei  ~  isn’t it so joyful to watch dogs play in the snow?






Puppy Mama, Lisa,  broke up the party.  (Boo!)


By now I was soaked with snow to mid-thigh but loving every minute of it!  (Who needs coffee, anyway?) So I finished up the lakeside view of the house:


Check out the amazing twig detail on the porch banister.  (More on that later!)


It was a wonderful way to start my day . . . especially when I walked back inside to the smell of coffee brewing and then dried my pajamas!  Be sure to come back tomorrow to see the breathtaking inside of this amazing home!

 Until the next time ~

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