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Well . . . . that’s a sensational headline!  So before I get into the meat of this post let me begin by saying that I have a tremendous amount of respect for good realtors.  I thoroughly believe in the value and expertise that they bring to both sellers and buyers.  Their knowledge and understanding of the ins and outs of the market, their advice, their tireless quest for great service and their commitment to negotiate the BEST end result for their clients is paramount in selling and buying. 

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So . . . if a good realtor isn’t the KEY to successfully selling your home what is?

 [Drum roll please . . . ]

You, the Seller, Hold the KEY to Successfully Selling your Home!


Realtors Only Make Money When You Sell, So LISTEN.

A good realtor wants what you want . . . to sell for the highest realistic price, and based upon your property the realtor will recommend the optimum price point.  They know what like properties are moving at (and appraising for) and have an astonishing amount of data at their fingertips.  So, if you are serious about selling and they recommend a price point and offer additional suggestions, listen!


Hire an Inspector Prior to Selling to Determine the Condition of your Home.

Nothing jeopardizes the sale of a home faster than surprises an inspection can bring after a home is under contract.  Why put yourselves through the additional stress of having to remedy fixable faults or lower your price point?  Be proactive and understand what you may  get “dinged on”  upfront.  Disclosing a pre-inspection to buyers during the selling process may also instill an element of trust between you and the buyer. 



Disclose It!

By hiding or not disclosing flaws or obstacles in your home and crossing your fingers that it won’t come out  is not a great strategy when selling.  It is probable that somewhere during the closing process you WILL have to fix or remedy it.  Buyers, mortgage companies, and title companies are very thorough during the buy/sell process.  Don’t leave it to a hope and a prayer that things you would prefer to be kept “swept under the rug” will stay there!


I’ve heard of many stories where the sale of the home is about to cross the finish line and comes to a screeching halt, the deal falls through and you have to fix it and start all over again!  Do you want this to be you??

Be Objective About Your Home.

This is really a trick statement.    The truth of the matter is that it is nearly impossible to be objective about your home because, well . . . it’s your home!  People are just too close and emotionally invested to be able to take a step back and see their home through a buyer’s eyes.  (As a professional home stager, even I would seek another expert evaluation were I to consider moving.)


Stage It!

Home staging is a statistically proven tool that will have your home selling faster and for more money.  A qualified home stager is trained to see a property through a buyer’s eyes and will work with you to optimize the appeal of your home to the broadest range of buyers.  Does this mean a huge investment on your part?  Likely not!  Investing 1-2% of your home’s value in staging will yield a 6-20% return on investment!  Contrary to popular belief, a good home stager will work to utilize your current furnishings and accessories and only suggest bringing in what is necessary to maximize appeal.  I encourage you to take a look at these pages, Home Staging, Home Staging Myths, and Home Staging Statistics.  Still doubtful?  Make a very small investment in a two hour consultation!  You will be pleasantly surprised and ultimately informed.


The Home Staging Consultation Complete.  Now what?

So you’ve had your home staging consultation and you’re armed with a list of recommendations.  Now what?


It’s important to know your limitations.  Is painting, repairs, organization, deep cleaning recommended?  Additional purchases or rearrangements advised?  Do you have the skills to tackle it yourself?  Do you have the time to tackle it yourself?  Understand what you can do and do correctly.  Not up to the task?  A home stager can provide contractor names,  qualified home organizers and home cleaning services as well as full or partial staging services.

Then it’s time to put together your game plan!  What are your priorities and timeline for completion based on your circumstance?  A game plan will keep you organized and reduce the stress of where do you start and when you will end.  Your home stager can again assist if needed!


So  you can see from the above, the right realtor is a vitally important resource for selling your home, but only if YOU do your part.  If you’ve done all of the above and your home still isn’t moving, it may then be time to reconsider your selection of a realtor. 

You are the Key_compressed

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