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I’ve been itching to get into another project here at home and on a recent Sunday morning as I sat in my office after coffee and catching up on emails and Facebook I decided it was time!  After looking at my laundry list of projects I wanted to tackle I decided on my home office where I spend countless hours each week.

I’m so very fortunate to have commandeered been graciously given the third small bedroom upstairs to use as my home office.  It has a wall of windows with a french door leading to a sizable deck and also looks out over our loft/family room area.  Perfect for a claustrophobic like me!

We moved into our home about a year and a half ago.  It was a flipped property and the flipper did a (mostly) amazing job on it.  While the paint on the walls wasn’t in bad shape, I felt it lacked a little pizzazz and was the same color as the ENTIRE rest of the house.  Also, every stinking door and piece of trim is painted with a flat, non-washable paint.  (Did I mention this carries out through 3,000 square feet and three floors?)  UGH!!!!

Here’s the before . . . 





Meet two out of three of our pets . . . Darla the dog and Bozeman the cat!  What is it about these guys?  They hear the camera come out and insist on photo-bombing!  Then decide it’s a fine time to play “get the kitty” . . . . don’t they know I have my impatient pants on and want to get to work????


Woof Compressed

Needing a break from the Lenox Tan, I got out my paint swatches and chose 50 3 shades of gray that would transition well from the other rooms.  I had ants in my pants to get the project going and almost chose there and then which color to go with but I took a deep breath (as well as my own advice) and popped over to the paint store for samples to try on each of the walls.

I had a moment of misgiving about using gray as I looked out at the gray Michigan winter sky but then reminded myself of the beautiful blue skies we get the remainder of the seasons and the great morning light in the office.  So after a few days watching the colors I took the plunge and chose . . .

Benjamin Moore Storm_compressed

It’s a little ironic that I ended up with my first choice prior to sampling . . . but will not get overconfident!  More than once in my life I’ve chosen poorly the first time and had to redo . . .

After painting the walls I took a minute to pat myself on the back, I broke out a new Purdy brush (my favorite), the Floetrol and the paint for what will doubtless become the never-ending job of painting the trim and doors in the house.  (For those of you that don’t know, adding Floetrol is a must when painting trim with semi-gloss paint!  It helps the paint maintain a wet edge eliminating brush marks as you go along. )


And here is the finished product!




I landed the drapes at Home Goods for $29.99 for both panels. Because the door is tight to the adjoining walls I had to get a little creative on how to hang them.  Drawing inspiration from this blog post at Shine Your Light, I purchased 14 knobs from Home Depot ($0.98 each!) and retrofitted the screws with hanger bolts and wrapped them around the wall.  Clever, huh?  I’m so glad I’d pinned this post for reference! 


My office is a highly personal space for me and of all the rooms in the house it’s where I don’t hesitate to surround myself with sentiment for both family and friends.  If I were staging this house to sell I would have a very different strategy!  I often rotate items in and out when the mood strikes to keep clutter under control.  In addition to the family gallery wall, some of my current favorites in the office:

From my beautiful daughter:

(I forgot to mention that I took leftover fabric from when I “upholstered” the box spring and lined the back of the bookcases!)

Life is like a camera_compressed

Mementos from my sons:


Amazing Lake Michigan sunset photos of my children (many years ago):

From my Sister-in-Law:


A beautiful tribute for my mother, who passed away a year ago:


Memories of Montmartre in Paris:


Isn’t it amazing what a coat of paint and drapes will make in refreshing a room?  And all for under $80.00!

Thanks for stopping by . . . I’d love to get your feedback!

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