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I ran across this article the other day and thought you might like it.  So often after I complete a home staging project the client will remark “I wish I’d done this earlier so I could enjoy it“! 

How to Stage Your Home for Livinghttp://www.becomingminimalist.com/stage-your-home-for-living

I often preach  educate clients that decorating to live is different than staging to sell.  Very true for the most part.  But there are strategies as suggested in this article that would benefit all of us and a philosophy I try to follow in my own home, even though I don’t have any intention of moving in the near future.   

Although I think my home is beautiful, if I were to think about selling I’d hire a home stager because I’m emotionally attached to my style and don’t necessarily have the objectivity needed for the best result! 

In the meantime, give this article some thought!  Why wait to replace a window or carpet, make minor repairs or paint a room until it’s for someone else to enjoy it?

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