Hi Friends ~

This is a slightly different post than usual.  It’s not about home staging or design but about my personal homemaking shortcomings and a desire to improve.

I’ve never been one for New Year’s Resolutions but I’m big on setting goals.  (I might be splitting hairs here, but I think there’s a difference between a resolution and a goal?)  As a business owner I firmly believe that if you don’t set goals your business will probably not grow and improve.  So, in between football games last week I sat down and outlined some lofty goals for Real Home by Jude in 2016 and corresponding strategies for reaching them. 

boredDon’t fret, I won’t share these with you, not because they’re super secret but because I don’t want you to fall asleep before reading the rest of this post!  What I would like to share with you (and get your input on how you’ve reached similar goals) are some personal goals for my home.



Organize and Edit Christmas Decorations

Organized ChristmasThis one tops my list today since my husband and I just finished the dreaded task of taking down the Christmas decorations.  (What a GREAT feeling!)  We store the decorations in the rafters of our garage and every year we bring down maybe 20 boxes and end up not using about half of them so my dear husband has to put the excess back UP in the rafters so he can park his car in the garage.  (This tends to make him slightly grumpy . . . )  On the taking the decorations down end, it seems I always end up throwing items into whichever box has enough room.

I have a dear friend who not only accurately labels ALL of her Christmas boxes (i.e., 1 of 25, 2 of 25, etc.) I suspect she has a running Excel spreadsheet with each box’s contents and which rooms they go in.   I can only dream of being this good.

For 2016 my goal is to get rid of or re-home what we don’t use on the front end AND organizing, categorizing, and labeling them when we put them away.  .  I’ll be using this post from Bloglovin.com/Stone Gable American Farmhouse Living as inspiration.   I’d like to think that itemized lists inside each box would be feasible, but I know my limitations!!!!  (As it is, thank goodness I have 11-12 months until I have to tackle this goal!)

Don’t be the Shoemaker who Doesn’t Have any Shoes

shoemakerI’m assuming you all have heard this expression?  As I’ve become busier working with clients in preparing their homes for sale or working on design projects and making other people’s homes amazing, things here at home have been somewhat sadly neglected.  This year my goal is to give myself the same advice I give to clients:  fix the things that need to be fixed, finish projects and keep things updated.  On my short list:

  • Complete the piping cord on the reupholstered dining room chairs.
  • Complete the drapes for the living room. Not to procrastinate, but this one will have to wait until spring.   I’m mimicking this look on four 10 foot panels and my garage is the only place large enough to work on it! 
  • Re-caulk all of the bathrooms
  • Fix the large drywall crack in the living room and paint. This is going to be a major job . . . not necessarily the drywall part but painting will entail 20 foot cathedral ceilings in places.  (I see scaffolding in my future . . . . )
  • Finish decorating and paint the guest bedroom. This room has become a drop zone for random items that don’t have a home elsewhere.  Needless to say, not very welcoming for guests!


Separate Business from Home

Furniture in GarageWhile my home office is  “Operation Central” for Real Home by Jude and I have a warehouse for inventory, a lot of accessories have ended up in our garage.  I VOW that despite the cold weather within the next few weeks they will be incorporated into the warehouse.  (My husband will be over the moon excited about this one!)


Become More Minimalist

If you buy stuffWe have a lot of stuff. . . way more than we need.  For some time I’ve been following “becoming minimalist” on Facebook and really enjoy his philosophy.  It makes me think about what’s really important in life.  So this year I’m going to make a true effort to edit things we don’t need or use and live more simply.  Just this week I read the following post:  21 Surprising Statistics That Reveal How Much We Own .  Number 1 made my jaw drop and I can relate to Number 4 from time to time (see Separate Business from Home above)


Practice What I Preach

practice what you postAs a home staging professional, I relentlessly insist strongly encourage my clients to clean and declutter.  Even though I’m not selling my home, I need to take my own advice on a day to day basis!!  (I often tell my clients that once they complete their staging they’ll wonder why they haven’t lived like this all along . . .)

Although I could add many more to this list here are the goals I believe I can manage:

  • Make bed every morning when I get out of bed (and hopefully catch my husband to help)
  • Pick up my closet daily (an embarrassingly lifelong habit of not hanging up my clothes at the end of the day)
  • Clear my desk daily. As I write this these are the things currently on my not so big desk:  Business cards, floor plans, receipts, a tape measure, personal mail, a paper clip, a penny, camera battery, cell phone, catalog, Photoshop book, forms  to complete and a stacked pile of “to-do’s”.  I know that both my claustrophobia and stress levels will be happy with this and I promise I’ll start this one tomorrow morning . . . I’m too tired to tacked it tonight! (Giggle)

So there it is, my personal home goals for 2016.  It’s in writing AND on the Internet for the world to see so it WILL be true!  Thanks for reading and share with me any ways you’ve met/conquered your home goals!


Until the next time ~

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