Whitewashing a Brick Fireplace_compressed

Hi Friends ~

As you can tell by the last few of my posts, I’ve been wielding my Purdy paintbrush quite a bit lately. Little do you know exactly how much!  On the very BORING and TEDIOUS side I’m two-thirds the way done with painting all of the doors and trim in the house here with only the lower level being left to do.  It’s looking so much better (and cleaner) but nothing interesting to show as far as before/after pictures since it’s transitioning from flat white to semi gloss white.

I’m also working on a couple of stages (both including painting) one of which entails transitioning a kitchen from honey oak cabinets to creamy white . . . I can’t wait to share those with you in the near future.

Now  for  today’s painting episode!

While her husband was out of town on a weeklong business trip, my friend Janet called me over to her house asking for some advice on her living/dining room area.  At one end of the room is (was)  a full wall of red brick with fireplace and dark brown stained mantel that she absolutely hated, feeling that it was too heavy and sucked the light out of that end of the room. Janice asked my thoughts on painting the brick.  Telling her (unnecessarily) that once you do that you can’t go back I suggested considering whitewashing the wall of brick and painting the mantel, again a permanent commitment.  I told her I’d send her some links and to talk it over with her husband when he returned.

Well . . . the very next morning she asked if we could tackle it together in two days (before her husband’s return). Ummmm  . . . . YEAH!!!!!  Even though I’d never done it myself, if she was game we could learn together.  (I love a girl with ants in her pants like me!)  There are a multitude of tutorials/posts out there and these are the ones we got our rookie whitewashing degree on:




So here’s what it looked like before:

Janice Before_compressed

Janice primed the mantel before my arrival:


I have to admit that it was slightly nerve racking painting the first couple of bricks, especially since it was so permanent and not my home!



Brave Janice was “all in” and we quickly developed a rhythm, her working on the right side and me on the left, with lots of girl talk going on (and a few breaks) during the process.  In no time we met in the middle and LOVED the result!


Moving onto the mantel, Janice got great advice from the person at Home Depot to use Behr’s top of the line Marquee semi-gloss paint and primer in one, matching it perfectly to Benjamin Moore’s “White Dove”.  I’ve been a fan of Behr paint and primer in one for a long time but have never used the Marquee.  I absolutely will again in the future.  Oh my gosh . . . it went on like butter!

Behr Marquee

And here’s the finished project:

 (drum roll please . . . )

 TA DA!!!!

No more dark, light sucking wall and Janice is thrilled with the result!

(Here’s hoping her husband feels the same . . . .)


Quite a difference, huh?  Again here’s the before and after: 

Brick Fireplace Before_compressed

Whitewash Brick Fireplace After_compressed

Jude Whew_compressed

Until the next time ~

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