Hello Again, Friends!

With the holiday season behind us, if you were anything like me it was hard to avoid all of the college bowl games  and related hoopla, including some very entertaining commercials.  Did you see this one with Joe Montana, Doug Flutie, Bo Jackson and Hershel Walker this last week?  My husband and I thought it was hilarious!

And now that college football is almost behind us we can look forward to the remaining professional football playoff and the Super Bowl, complete with what no doubt will be equally entertaining commercials!

Speaking of football . . . . I believe that decorating a home runs some very interesting parallels.  (Okay, guys, maybe you think I’ve lost my marbles, but stay with me here!)

The Game Plan

The most successful games start with a well defined game plan,  including having the coaches research, prepare and help their players execute, right?  (I actually saw a broadcaster outline a coach’s game plan this last week, one point of which was to have their offense “run between the blocks” . . . I mean . . . really?  But I digress . . )Game-Plan

Well, the same can be said about tackling (pun intended) decorating a room or rooms (or your entire home)!  Have you ever started decorating a room, purchased items and only afterwards found that it just didn’t work?  Was the furniture too big or small and didn’t fit into the room like you thought?  Was the end result not what you were hoping to achieve?  Were the paint colors “off” requiring repainting? 


These mistakes can be costly and frustrating to say the least!

Real Home by Jude specializes in putting together a design game plan based on your desired end result taking into consideration your room, any existing pieces you would like to incorporate and (last but not least) your budget.   You will receive a custom design board, true to scale floor plan and sourcing information.  Like a well-played football game you will be  prepared and ready to execute your way to a beautiful end result!  (Contact me here.)

(After moving in with my soon-to-be husband many years ago, I actually used this strategy with him . . . but that’s another post for another day!)

Great Room Design Board

Great Room Kitchen Morning Room Floor Plan


Until the next time ~ 

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